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Funky Buddha boosts conversions with Simpler checkout


The Company

Funky Buddha is a popular online clothing and accessories retailer with a strong offline presence - 50+ stores all over Europe.


The Challenge

Funky Buddha was facing a challenge with its low conversion rates on the wesbite. Relevance Digital, the performance agency for Funky Buddha, figured that the money that they were spending on ads and getting people on the website to buy the products wasn’t working out. They noticed that most of the money spent on performance marketing went down the drain as very few shoppers that landed on Funky Buddha’s website, ended up buying.

Upon closer examination, the team at Relevance Digital identified that the lengthy and inconvenient checkout process was causing many shoppers to abandon their carts, resulting in a poor overall online shopping experience.

With a renewed focus on optimizing the website and improving the customer experience, they were looking for a solution that could get more website visitors to buy.

The Solution

To address their conversion challenges and enhance the customer experience, Relevance Digital (Funky Buddha’s performance agency) turned to Simpler Checkout for a solution.

Simpler Checkout streamlines the checkout process, making it faster and easier for shoppers to complete their purchases. With Simpler, shoppers don't have to go through the hassle of creating accounts, filling out long forms, or remembering passwords. This solution makes checkout 50% faster for first-time shoppers and just one click for returning customers - thereby improving their shopping experience.

vhb (1).jpg

The Result

The results of integrating Simpler checkout on their website were impressive - Funky Buddha saw that more shoppers that landed on the website ended up buying. They saw 9.17% more orders month-over-month after installation and an 8.63% decrease in Cash on Delivery - just one month after going live with Simpler. Over time more and more of Funky's shoppers chose Simpler at checkout due to its ease, further decreasing CoD as well as other expensive payment methods such as Paypal.

Funky Buddha also observed some other interesting trends among shoppers who used Simpler. For example, 75% of Simpler shoppers preferred to "cut the funnel" and complete their orders earlier in the process, such as on the product page or in the mini cart. Additionally, 10% of Simpler shoppers completed their purchases with just one click, and on average, these transactions took just six seconds to complete.


"Not only did Simpler improve the shopping experience for our customers, but it also had a significant impact on our bottom line. We couldn't be happier with the results." - Nikos Alexiou, Owner, Funky Buddha

The impact of the coupon


As an instrument to boost website registrations, Funky Buddha was offering a 10% discount coupon to shoppers who subscribed to their newsletter. Since all shoppers who used Simpler were also registered shoppers, Funky Buddha decided to pass half of this discount (5%) on to shoppers who used Simpler at checkout. The discount coupon appeared on the top left of the Simpler Checkout button and incentivised shoppers to checkout using Simpler to get an additional 5% discount.


This had an immediate and significant impact on the company - they got 24.74% more orders month-over-month. Additionally, the use of Cash on Delivery decreased by another 23%, and the number of registered shoppers increased by 57.21%, which helped to drive even more sales and revenue for the business.

The streamlined checkout process not only made it easier and more convenient for shoppers to complete their purchases, but it also resulted in increased orders, and a boost in return on ad spend. At Relevance Digital, we are always looking for solutions that drive results for our clients, and Simpler Checkout exceeded our expectations.” - Athanasios Sofianos, Relevance Digital

zdfefdv dfbgf.jpg

Overall, the use of Simpler Checkout proved to be a very successful strategy for Relevance Digital and Funky Buddha. By making the checkout process easier and more efficient, they were able to get more customers to buy, reduce COD, get more registered shoppers and improve their ad ROI.

Going forward, Funky Buddha plans to continue using Simpler and will pioneer using "Checkout from anywhere". Stay tuned to see live the revolution in retail.

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