WooCommerce Installation Guide

1. Register with Simpler as a Seller

The first step is to register with Simpler as a seller. Once you have a seller account, your account manager will then provide you with your App ID & App Secret which you will need for the WooCommerce plugin installation. 

2. Login to your WooCommerce admin panel

Add your credentials to access your WooCommerce admin panel: https://yourstore.com/wp-admin

3. Search and Install the Simpler Checkout plugin

In your Wordpress Dashboard menu on the left, navigate to Plugins --> Add New​

Then from the Plugins page, search for "Simpler Checkout" and click on "Install Now".

Search Simpler Checkout Plugin.png

4. Activate Simpler Plugin 

From the Plugins page, find the Simpler Checkout plugin and click on "Activate". If it is already activated, skip to the next step.

5. Configure your Simpler Plugin 

Once the plugin is activated, make sure "Automated updates" are enabled and then click on "Settings".

Frame 56.png

6. Add your Simpler credentials 

Add the App ID and App Secret from step 1.

Add API Key and Secret.png

8. Test the functionality and look & feel of the button


When you install the button, test mode is enabled by default. While in test mode, the Simpler Checkout button is only visible to you and not your customers. Feel free to navigate around your website and play with the button settings to find the variant that suits your website the most.

9. Make the checkout button visible to everyone

When you make sure everything looks and works as expected, uncheck the Test mode box, to make the Simpler Checkout button available for your customers.

test mode

7. Authorise Simpler to connect with your WooCommerce store

The integration status checker in the bottom of the settings screen should be in the state of the following screenshot, click on the Authorize button and follow the wooCommerce authorization process instructions to allow Simpler to place orders on your behalf to wooCommerce.


Authorize Button Screenshot

That's it! Simpler Checkout is successfully installed!