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Frequently Asked Questions


How it works, Privacy topics, Shopper Dashboard, Troubleshooting etc


How it works, Payments, Refunds, Seller Dashboard, Docs, Troubleshooting etc


What is Simpler Checkout? How does it work?

1. You click on the Simpler Quick Buy button that you see on a store, website, ad or social media platform
2. You save your basic information during your first transaction with a seller within the Simpler network. No password is needed. Info is saved once and then never asked again.
3. That’s it! Your order is on its way.

4. Any time you see the Simpler Quick Buy button again, on any website, your information is saved so you don't have to enter it again.

What happens if I already have an account with Simpler and want to checkout from a new device?

If you are trying to checkout with a new device, the Simpler form will appear as if you were a new user. When you enter your email, you will be prompted to fill in the 6-digit authorisation code sent to your email. When you add the code, your saved information will appear, so you won’t have to add it ever again to checkout with Simpler on that device.


Why didn’t I need to use a username or a password to create an account?

As we see it, usernames and passwords are obsolete - humans just can’t remember hundreds of strong passwords. At Simpler we are using password-less authentication methods that fight password fatigue and provide a great user experience.


What information can I see in the dashboard?

The post-purchase experience is also very important and we are on a mission to fix that too.
Every order you make through Simpler will be shown in your dashboard at, so you’ll have everything under one roof - you can see and track all your orders, manage your returns, download your receipts, reorder with one click - anything.

What emails should I be expecting from Simpler after I complete an order?

You will just receive an order confirmation email, to let you know that the store has received your order and after that, your seller will be sending you emails directly about your order status or any shipping updates.


Why can’t I see the checkout window?

Make sure you are not using any ad blockers in your browser that might be blocking the Simpler pop-up.

What kind of cards do you accept?

Simpler accepts all local and international prepaid, debit and credit cards.

Privacy & Security

What information do you collect? How do you handle data?

We collect the data you provide to us, which is securely stored and tokenised/encrypted. This information is used only for shopping purposes, ie so that the merchant can fulfil your order. We also collect information about your device. You can manage your profile and your connected devices from your shopper dashboard.

Do you share the email addresses of the shoppers with the merchant?

When the shoppers click on the Simpler checkout button, we share their email address with the merchant, who can use it for communication and order fulfillment purposes. You can opt out from such communication at any time.


What happens if my email account is hacked?

Please reach out to us at if you believe your Simpler account or your email account has been compromised. We’ll work with you to help protect your account and prevent any risks.


Is Simpler PCI compliant?

Through our partners, Simpler complies with Level 1 Payment Card Industry Data Securities Standards (PCI-DSS), which is the highest standard of PCI compliance.


How do I delete my information?

You can learn more about how we handle personal data in our Privacy Policy. In case you want us to delete all your information please reach out to us at

Shoppers Q&A



How do I install Simpler Checkout to my website?

Simpler Checkout can be installed in minutes, as a plugin/extension for any website built on any of the supported platforms. You can find our installation documentation here.


How much does Simpler Checkout cost?

Simpler Checkout is an all-in-one checkout solution that comes with its own payment processor. This means that Simpler gets a small fraction of the payment processing fee. You can find detailed pricing details in our pricing page.



How does Simpler Checkout increase my sales?

Every step a customer has to take in a conventional checkout flow introduces friction. We are relentlessly working on optimising our checkout flow to be simple, mobile optimised and robust, in order for you to focus in what matters instead of worrying about optimising your checkout.

At the same time, we partner with the best payment services available in order to attain the best authorisation rates, eliminate fraud and ensure that all payment best practices are followed.



Which payment methods does Simpler support?

Simpler supports all major debit, credit and prepaid card issuers, including VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Diners etc, as well as ApplePay.

What happens when a shopper clicks on Simpler Checkout?

When a shopper clicks on the Simpler checkout button, the Simpler window will appear.

If the shopper does not already have an account with Simpler, the shopper is prompted to fill in a lean form with the absolutely necessary fields (30% fewer than the average checkout). Info is saved once and then never asked again.


If the shopper already has an account with Simpler, all information will be pre-filled so the shopper will just have to confirm all the details and place the order with one click.

How does an existing user login to their Simpler account?

When the shopper clicks on the Simpler Checkout button, they will be prompted to enter their email address. If that email exists in our system, an authorisation code will be sent to their email address so that they can log in and retrieve their stored info to checkout faster.

How does a shopper add new shipping or payment details?

Customers can edit or add new shipping addresses or payment options in the order confirmation screen or on their Shopper Dashboard at


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