How to Increase Conversion Rate by Reducing Checkout Steps in My Opencart Store

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How to Increase Conversion Rate by Reducing Checkout Steps in My Opencart Store

In the intricate world of e-commerce, the checkout process is a make-or-break moment for conversions. A smooth, intuitive checkout can be the difference between a sale and a lost customer.

Here's a quick snapshot:

In the e-commerce buying journey, the product page typically captures the most visitor attention. However, as customers progress through the buying cycle, significant drop-offs occur.

  • Move from Product View to the Shopping Cart Page: A huge drop-off 89%.
  • View Cart to Checkout Stage: Another 45% - 55% opt-out.
  • Final Purchase Stage: 40% - 45% drop-off

*numbers based on e-commerce averages first party data

So, what's causing these significant drop-offs? According to the Baymard Institute, a complex registration process repels a whopping 82% of shoppers. And two-thirds of consumers expect a quick checkout, aiming for a completion time of just four minutes.

Here’s a Comparison of Checkout Types:

  • Opencart Multi-Step Checkout: Cart abandonment rates between 50-70%.
  • 2-Step Checkout: Reduction in abandonment to about 40-60%.
  • 1-Click Checkout: Potential to cut rates down to a mere 20-40%. This is a substantial enhancement — up to 50% better than the 2-step model and potentially 3 times more efficient than the original Opencart multi-step checkout.

The Drawbacks of Opencart's Native Checkout

Opencart is widely appreciated for its user-friendliness and customization options. However, its native checkout process can sometimes be a hurdle for users. 

Lengthy Checkout Steps:

  • Billing and Shipping Details: Although Opencart does allow for auto-fill, first-time users need to manually enter all information, which can be time-consuming and error-prone
  • Additional Information: Some stores ask for extra details that may not be essential, leading to longer checkout times
  • Order Review: Before finalizing the purchase, users need to review their order, adding an extra step to the process

On top of these:

  1. Design Inconsistencies: Depending on the theme used, the default OpenCart checkout can sometimes feel disjointed from the rest of the shopping experience, necessitating customization for a cohesive look and feel.
  2. Field Customization Rigidities: Modifying the checkout form or adding new fields typically demands extensions or custom coding, adding complexity for store owners.
  3. Mobile Optimization Concerns: Although OpenCart themes are generally responsive, the checkout experience on mobile can sometimes be clunky, requiring users to make extra navigational efforts.
  4. Extension Reliance: Enhancing the checkout experience often requires multiple extensions. This can introduce potential compatibility issues, performance hitches, or even security vulnerabilities, especially if extensions are outdated or poorly coded.
  5. Customization Complexity: Unlike some platforms that offer drag-and-drop customization, making changes to OpenCart's checkout often requires a deeper understanding of the platform's codebase.

Switch to a Simpler Checkout

The Power of Simplifying Your Checkout

Every brand should be asking: Are we keeping pace with changing consumer behaviours? The checkout process is paramount to your success. You can find below a detailed explanation of the benefits customers enjoy when they use 1-Click Checkout for their purchases.

Benefits of a 1-Click Checkout:

Elevated User Experience:

  • Minimal Interruptions: One click and it’s done.
  • Reduced Friction: No constant re-entry of details.

Boosted Conversion Rate:

  • Reduced Drop-Off: A more streamlined process means fewer cart abandonments.
  • Quick Decision Making: Capitalize on impulse buys.

Higher Registered User Count:

  • Easy Account Creation: Sign up once and enjoy a simplified experience across the network.

Enhanced Customer Satisfaction & Loyalty:

  • Improved Satisfaction: Valuing the customer’s time can improve their overall experience.
  • Trust Building: Modern and efficient checkouts instill confidence in the customer.
  • Fostering Repeat Business: Pleasant shopping experiences encourage return visits.

Meet Simpler: The Future of Checkout

Simpler is a one-click checkout solution that revolutionizes the whole buying journey. With Simpler, instead of navigating multiple pages or platforms, shoppers with Simpler can swiftly fill out a concise form, select shipping options, and make payments in a singular, integrated window. 

With Simpler you get:

  • 80% Reduction in typical checkout steps for first-time users.
  • Ultra-Fast: Returning customers can check out in under 6 seconds.
  • Up to 35% increase in conversion rates
  • Up to 31% increase in your registered shoppers list.

Simpler doesn't just reduce checkout steps; it improves the entire buying journey. When customers are empowered to purchase at any phase, 78% prefer to do so earlier in the buying journey be it on the product page (21%), mini-cart (32%), or the cart page (25%). When shoppers are given the luxury of swift decisions, there's less room for hesitation or second-guessing.

How to Increase Registered Customers on Your ecommerce store?

While it might seem counterintuitive, a simplified checkout can lead to an increase in registered customers.

Here’s how:

Automated Account Creation
When a user signs up once, they never have to worry about re-entering their details during subsequent visits to the same store or any other store on that 1-click checkout provider’s network. For example:

Upon registering with Simpler, shoppers gain the ability to complete their purchase with just a single click on any Simpler-enabled website. At the same time, the merchant gets the details of the shopper. This not only accelerates the checkout experience but also substantially boosts the number of registered users for the merchant.

Try Simpler Today

Success Stories with Simpler

Businesses integrating Simpler's one-click checkout are witnessing transformative results. On average, there's a 35% boost in conversion rates and a 31% rise in registered users.

For instance, Reve Jewel saw:

  • A 19.1% increase in conversion rates.
  • A massive 37% growth in registered shoppers.

In the words of the CEO of Reve Jewel, “Customers have praised Simpler for its simplicity and mobile-friendly experience. Simpler made the checkout process extremely straightforward, and its user-friendly mobile interface has resonated well with our diverse customer base.”

Uncompromised Security with Simpler

For Simpler, security is paramount. 

It's designed to handle high transaction volumes flawlessly, and when it comes to data privacy, Simpler employs tokenization and encryption, never storing card details. Plus, it’s both PCI DSS and GDPR compliant.

Should You Adopt a 1-Click Checkout?

To summarize, the key reasons to consider seriously implementing a 1-Click Checkout solution for Your Opencart E-Shop are the following:

  • Superior User Experience: Streamline the buying journey, making it swift and hassle-free.
  • Amplified Conversion Rates: Reduce cart abandonment and capitalize on impulse purchases.
  • Deepened Customer Loyalty: Foster trust and encourage repeat business.
  • Competitive Advantage: Stand out by offering the seamless checkout experience shoppers seek.

Get Started with Simpler Today

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