Simpler for E-commerce

Your shoppers buy in seconds.
You unlock more sales.

Let your shoppers escape the checkout chaos. Remove the hassle of long forms, usernames & passwords for an easy & converting buying experience.

Why e-commerce businesses choose Simpler


more conversions

More customers get past the buy button with an easy & secure checkout

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faster checkout

New users check out 50% faster, while returning users take under 6 seconds

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more registered customers

New users get a guest-like buying experience, while you get a new registered customer

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more payment methods

Offer all major payment options right out of the box without any code

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A Simpler experience for your shoppers

Did you know, on average, 75% of carts are abandoned upon adding an item? Simpler makes your checkout seamless & hassle-free, ensuring more customers make it past the 'buy' button and become repeat buyers.

First-time shopper

Shoppers fill out a lean form. Select their favourite way to pay and securely save their info for all future purchases. Done.

Returning shopper

Simpler auto fills all the info for a returning shopper and they can buy in one click.

Shoppers on the Simpler Network

Simpler has 500,000+ shoppers who can easily verify their identity with an SMS/Email code and make one click purchases on their first visit to your store.

Get all payment & shipping options in one integration

When you integrate Simpler, you gain access to a comprehensive set of payment and shipping options right from the start. This eliminates the need for coding and integration of each individual option.

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Secure Shopping

78% shoppers buy early in the funnel

Simpler lets you offer checkout options on product, mini-cart, shopping cart, and checkout pages. Research shows 78% spend more when early funnel checkout is available

Simpler customer integrations

Code-free plug & play installation

Get a frictionless checkout experience on your website in minutes. Simpler supports all major e-commerce platforms.

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As a merchant, it's great to be able to offer your customers a quick & easy way to buy things. We are delighted with how seamlessly Simpler integrated onto our website and are blown away by the results

- Athanasios Sofianos, CEO, Relevance Digital
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Not only did Simpler improve the shopping experience for our customers, but it also had a significant impact on our bottom line. We couldn't be happier with the results.

- Nikos Alexiou, Owner, Funky Buddha
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The fast and seamless checkout has made purchasing a breeze for our customers, significantly boosting sales for us. Additionally, their low-fee pricing structure has allowed us to save on transaction costs.

- Binny, Ecommerce Manager at One Green Bottle

Save time & eliminate errors with tools designed to accelerate your growth

Regular Payouts

Control the frequency of your payouts. Opt to get paid daily, weekly or monthly. Get an overview of payouts. View or download a summary of every payout, including transactions, gross sales, fees, and refunds

Checkout Analytics

Create, customise, visualise and export reports on channel-specific sales via your website, online ads, emails, and other digital content


Optimise your channel performance with real-time revenue data attribution

Customised Reconciliation Reports

Easily reconcile each payout with the batch of transactions it settles. Export a detailed breakdown of all transactions made via Simpler Checkout as a CSV file

Automate refunds

Intelligent automation streamlines the refund process to give your customers a quick and easy refund process

Fraud Prevention

Fulfil more orders and never worry about chargebacks again.

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Frequently asked questions

How does Simpler one click checkout work?

Simpler is a one click checkout platform that makes it easy for customers to purchase products on your e-commerce site. With Simpler, shoppers can complete their transactions in seconds, reducing friction and increasing conversions for you.

For first-time shoppers:

  • The shopper clicks on the Simpler checkout button directly from the product page or after adding all items to the cart at the final step of the checkout process.
  • Then the shopper fills out a lean form with only the necessary fields. This information is then saved for future purchases.
  • That’s it; the order is complete. The shopper is now registered in the Simpler network, allowing them to make one-click purchases at any merchant website within the Simpler network in the future.

For returning shoppers:

  • The shopper clicks on the Simpler checkout button directly from the product page or after adding all items to the cart at the final step of the checkout process.
  • The shopper's saved information is automatically pre-filled, and they can complete the purchase with just one click. Done.

How does Simpler help with cart abandonment?

Simpler helps reduce cart abandonment by providing a seamless and efficient checkout experience that addresses common friction points in the traditional checkout process. By offering a one click checkout and a lean form with only necessary fields, Simpler eliminates the need for shoppers to fill out long forms and go through multiple steps to complete their purchase. This not only makes the checkout process faster but also eliminates any chances of the shopper getting frustrated and abandoning the cart.

Additionally, Simpler integrates with all major payment options, allowing shoppers to pay with their preferred method, which also helps reduce friction and increase conversions. All of these features together can help to reduce cart abandonment, resulting in an increase in sales for your business.

How does Simpler Checkout increase my sales?

Simpler Checkout is designed to improve the customer experience and increase conversions for your ecommerce business. By eliminating friction in the checkout process, Simpler makes it easier for shoppers to complete their purchases, leading to a reduction in cart abandonment and an increase in sales.

Additionally, Simpler partners with leading payment services to ensure the highest authorization rates, minimize fraud and adhere to all industry best practices for payment processing. This not only improves the customer experience but also increases the trust of the shopper in the checkout process, leading to an increase in sales.

Also, by providing a one click checkout and a seamless checkout experience, Simpler makes it easier for shoppers to make impulse purchases, resulting in a boost in sales.

How does Simpler help me have more registered shoppers?

By utilising the Simpler Network, which includes all retailers who use Simpler checkout on their sites. When a shopper uses Simpler at any of these stores, they create a Simpler account after their first purchase. This account allows them to save their personal and payment information for future purchases.

When the shopper makes a purchase from any merchant on the Simpler Network, Simpler recognizes the shopper’s account through their email or phone number and offers a seamless, one click checkout experience, even if that shopper has never purchased from that specific merchant before. Simpler then passes the shopper's saved information to the merchant, allowing shoppers to checkout without creating an account. This is how you still get shoppers’ registration information while they checkout as a guest.

How easy is it to install Simpler on my ecommerce site?

Simpler offers frictionless plug & play installation, which means you can have a seamless checkout experience on your website in minutes. Simpler supports all major e-commerce platforms, and its APIs and Web SDKs make it easy to integrate. You can find our installation documentation here.

What kind of analytics and reporting can I expect from Simpler?

Simpler provides a range of analytics and reporting features, including checkout analytics, attribution, customised reconciliation reports, and the ability to export data as a CSV file. Additionally, Simpler offers tools to automate refunds and control the frequency of payouts, making it easy to manage transactions and reconcile payouts.

Which payment methods does Simpler support?

Simpler supports a wide range of payment options to provide your customers with a seamless and convenient checkout experience. It supports all major debit, credit, and prepaid card issuers, including VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Diners, etc. In addition, Simpler also supports mobile wallets like ApplePay & Google Pay, BNPL (Buy Now Pay Later) options like Klarna, Revolut Pay and PayPal to cater to different payment preferences of your customers. This makes it easy for shoppers to complete their purchases with their preferred payment method, which can help increase conversions and sales for your business.