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Get 4x more ways to accept payments

When you integrate Simpler, you gain access to a comprehensive set of payment options right from the start - without any extra code.

Cards, Digital Wallets, BNPL. We’ve got it all.

Give shoppers the power to choose. Let them pay using Cards, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Klarna, PayPal and more.


"Integrating Simpler was effortless, instantly broadering our checkout choices. No extra coding, just a seamless expansion of ways to pay. It's seamless simplicity at best."

Erini, Marketing Manager - Nak Shoes

Let shoppers choose how they want to pay

Shoppers can effortlessly switch between payment methods as needed and save their preferred option for future transactions

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Frequently asked questions

What payment methods does Simpler Checkout support to enhance customer convenience?

Simpler Checkout supports a wide array of payment methods, ensuring that every customer can choose their preferred way to pay. This includes all major credit and debit cards, digital wallets like Apple Pay and Google Pay, BNPL (Buy now, pay later) options such as Klarna, Revolut Pay & PayPal. By offering diverse payment methods, Simpler helps businesses cater to a broader audience, enhancing convenience and boosting conversion rates.

How does offering more payment methods impact conversion rates?

Providing more payment methods significantly increases conversion rates by catering to the diverse preferences of shoppers. Simpler Checkout allows customers to choose their preferred payment option, reducing friction and making the checkout process more accessible and user-friendly. This flexibility helps decrease cart abandonment and encourages more completed purchases.

Can Simpler Checkout integrate multiple payment methods without complex setups?

Yes, Simpler Checkout simplifies the integration of multiple payment methods into your e-commerce platform without the need for complex setups or extensive coding. This plug-and-play functionality ensures that businesses can offer a variety of payment options quickly and easily, enhancing the overall shopping experience and supporting sales growth.

How does Simpler Checkout ensure the security of various payment methods?

Security is a top priority for Simpler Checkout. We employ advanced encryption and compliance measures to ensure that all payment methods are processed securely. This includes adhering to PCI DSS standards and using secure tokenisation for transactions, providing peace of mind for both merchants and their customers.