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Boost Your Sales By Optimising Your Checkout

What's inside?
1. How to enhance User Experience & Increase Conversion
2. The Pain Points of a traditional Checkout Process

3. Comparative Analysis of Checkout Methods
4. Benefits of 1- Click checkout for ecommerce stores

5. Practical Tips for Implementing 1-Click Checkout

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Why e-commerce businesses choose Simpler


more conversions

More customers get past the buy button with an easy & secure checkout


faster checkout

New users check out 50% faster, while returning users take under 6 seconds


more registered customers

New users get a guest-like buying experience, while you get a new registered customer


more payment methods

Offer all major payment options right out of the box without any code

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Get all payment & shipping options in one integration

When you integrate Simpler, you gain access to a comprehensive set of payment and shipping options right from the start. This eliminates the need for coding and integration of each individual option.

Simpler customer integrations

Code-free plug & play installation

Get a frictionless checkout experience on your website in minutes. Simpler supports all major e-commerce platforms.