Increase conversion rate

Increase checkout conversion by up to 35%

Simpler's one-click, mobile-optimised checkout turns taps into completed orders, making shopping frictionless & boosting conversion.

70% of online shopping carts are abandoned,
75% of them due to checkout friction.

Simpler eliminates checkout friction.

Shoppers effortlessly breeze through checkout - from completing a streamlined form to making payments, all within a single convenient window.


Funky Buddha saw 24.7% higher checkout conversion rates after integrating Simpler.

How does Simpler reduce friction to increase checkout conversion?

For first-time shoppers, Simpler Checkout is at least 50% faster than the native checkout.

Returning customers can complete their purchases in as little as 6 seconds

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Shoppers buy at the point of inspiration. You capitalise on impulse buys.

Simpler gives shoppers the option to buy with one click at any point in their buying journey - directly from the product, mini-cart, shopping cart, and checkout pages.

Customers pay their way

Whether your shoppers want to pay by card, use their digital wallet or buy now and pay later - Simpler supports it all.

Simpler customer integrations

Code-free plug & play installation

1. Create an account with Simpler
2. Install the Simpler plugin
3.Activate Simpler and see your profits skyrocket

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Frequently asked questions

What is Simpler Checkout and how does it help increase conversion rates?

Simpler Checkout is an innovative one-click checkout solution designed to streamline the online shopping process. By simplifying and accelerating the checkout experience, Simpler Checkout significantly reduces cart abandonment and enhances customer satisfaction, leading to a substantial increase in conversion rates for online stores.

Can Simpler Checkout integrate with my existing eCommerce platform to boost my store's conversion rate?

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Which payment methods can I offer with Simpler?

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Are there any setup fees or installation fees associated with using Simpler?

No minimum fees or installation charges are applicable, and there are no minimum stay requirements.Our pricing model follows a pay-as-you-go structure, combining monthly subscription fees with payment processing commissions based on your selected plan. For a comprehensive breakdown, refer to the detailed table at the top.

Furthermore, we are open to collaborating with merchants on a case-by-case basis for larger volumes, allowing us to establish more favourable pricing arrangements.

Can I only integrate Simpler with the payment methods I already have in place?

At the moment, Simpler can work on top of your existing payment methods. This means that you can keep your existing payment methods and use Simpler as well. Customers who check out via Simpler can use any payment method supported by Simpler (e.g. payment with a card).

In case you need us to support any additional payment methods or have more questions about them, we would be happy to hear from you.

How and when are the processed amounts cleared into my account?

All processed amounts that go through Simpler are gathered in your secure wallet, under your business account that is created by our payment processor partner.

Payouts from that wallet can be executed either on a daily or a weekly basis (according to your preference).

The payouts are passed via a wire transfer to the bank account number that you will provide us with.For every payout, there is a flat processing fee of €0.50 for EU/EEA and £0.50 for the UK. No other fees related to the amount of the payout exist.

Are there any additional fees for transactions with commercial cards, non-EU/EEA/UK Issued cards or multi-currency transactions?

For the cases that belong to those categories, the following additional fees are applied to the EU/EEA region:​

- 1.00% for transactions with commercial cards issued within EU/ EEA

- 1.50% for transactions with any cards issued outside of the EU/ EEA

- 1.5% fee applies to multi-currency transactions for major currencies