Simpler Checkout

Harness the power of one click checkout, anywhere.

Let your customers instantly purchase your products in one click - from your website, digital content, a magazine, a print ad or an online ad.

Revolutionise your shoppers' buying journey

For the Digital World

Turn your shoppers into buyers faster. Your customers can shop with one click from your website, an online ad, an email, chat, a newsletter or any other digital content.

E-Commerce: Increase conversion with a simpler checkout

Click me

I'm a button on an ecommerce store (left) and on a banner ad (right)

Online Ads & Newsletters: From intent to purchase in one step

Click me

I'm behind an online ad (left), a newsletter / email (right)
Could be in any digital content

For the Physical World

Your customers can buy in seconds from anywhere. With Simpler QR codes, they can shop with one click from a rint ad, a magazine, a TV commercial, in-store or even order out of stock items for delivery.

OOH & Print ads : From intent to purchase in one step

Scan me

I'm a QR code on a billboard (left) or a magazine (right)

Checkout in seconds from TV ads

Turn viewers into customers directly from TV ads.
Scan & Buy online with one click.