Increase shoppers registrations

Get 31% more registered shoppers

From first-time buyers to existing Simpler users, each Simpler transaction seamlessly registers them as your customers

How does Simpler increase registered shoppers?

New shoppers quickly fill a lean form, choose their preferred payment, and save their details for one-click future purchases, creating accounts with Simpler and your brand.

Simpler's 500,000+ registered shoppers can verify with a code and make one-click purchases on their first store visit, automatically registering as new customers.

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Funky Buddha saw 52.7% uplift in registration rates after integrating Simpler.

Simpler customer integrations

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Frequently asked questions

How does Simpler Checkout help increase the number of registered customers?

Simpler Checkout streamlines the registration process by automatically creating a customer account when a purchase is made. Simpler Checkout eliminates the need for shoppers to fill in details. Simpler has a network of 500,000+ shoppers who can easily verify their identity with an SMS/Email code and get their details autofilled. This seamless approach eliminates the need for shoppers to manually fill out lengthy registration forms, thereby encouraging more customers to register during checkout, which helps businesses build their customer databases effortlessly.

What are the benefits of having more registered customers for my e-commerce business?

Having more registered customers enables businesses to maintain ongoing relationships with their shoppers, leading to increased customer loyalty and repeat purchases. Registered customers are easier to reach with targeted marketing campaigns and personalised offers, which can significantly enhance conversion rates and overall customer engagement.

How does Simpler Checkout ensure data privacy for registered customers?

Simpler Checkout adheres to strict data protection standards, including GDPR compliance, to ensure that all customer data is securely handled and protected. We implement robust security measures to safeguard personal information, providing both customers and businesses with peace of mind regarding data privacy.

Are there any setup fees or installation fees associated with using Simpler?

No minimum fees or installation charges are applicable, and there are no minimum stay requirements.Our pricing model follows a pay-as-you-go structure, combining monthly subscription fees with payment processing commissions based on your selected plan. For a comprehensive breakdown, please refer to the Pricing Page.

Furthermore, we are open to collaborating with merchants on a case-by-case basis for larger volumes, allowing us to establish more favourable pricing arrangements.