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Say goodbye to the pain of creating accounts, filling out long forms and remembering passwords. Checkout across brands quickly, securely, and seamlessly.

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No friction. No effort.   
Just seamless online shopping

Nobody likes friction at checkout. We fixed it. By reducing unnecessary steps to checkout, redundant form fields, passwords and redirects, Simpler makes online shopping
a breeze.

One account for all your logins

Set up your profile once and eliminate the hassle of managing different accounts for every online store.

Your saved information is available across all stores in Simpler's network, allowing you to complete purchases with just one click.

Pay. Your way.

Whether you want to pay by card, use your digital wallet or buy now and pay later - Simpler supports it all.

Secure, password free checkout

With secure OTPs and payment tokenization, you get state-of-the-art security standards, eliminating the need to remember passwords and usernames.

Simpler complies with GDPR in Europe and PCI DSS, which help keep your data safe and secure.

Love at first sight.
Buy at second.

See something you like while browsing? Purchase it instantly, whether it's from an online store, an ad, a magazine, an email, or a physical store.

Your orders. In one place.

After you make a purchase, easily manage all your orders, track shipments, handle refunds, and reorder with one click, all from the Simpler dashboard.