One click checkout

Introducing the world’s simplest checkout

Shoppers checkout in seconds.
No usernames. No passwords. No long forms.

Checkout in a flash.

Registered Simpler shoppers are automatically recognised through their email, completing checkout in just 6 seconds on average - whether they're returning shoppers or first-time store visitors.

Shoppers buy at the point of inspiration. You capitalise on impulse buys.

Simpler gives shoppers the option to buy with one click at any point in their buying journey - directly from the product, mini-cart, shopping cart, and checkout pages.

Increase checkout conversion by up to 35%

Simpler's mobile-optimised, one-click checkout seamlessly converts taps into transactions, removing friction and elevating conversion rates.

Works with your existing tech

With Simpler, there’s no need to replace your tech stack or change any of your existing customisations and integrations. Simpler works along with your existing checkout.

Simpler customer integrations

Code-free plug & play installation

1. Create an account with Simpler
2. Install the Simpler plugin
3.Activate Simpler and see your profits skyrocket

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Frequently asked questions

What is One-Click Checkout and how does it increase conversion rates?

One-Click Checkout is a feature offered by Simpler that allows customers to complete their purchases in a single click, bypassing the conventional multi-step checkout process. This streamlined approach reduces friction, speeds up the transaction, and significantly improves the overall shopping experience, leading to higher conversion rates and customer satisfaction. For first-time shoppers, Simpler Checkout is at least 50% faster than the native checkout, and returning customers can complete their purchases in as little as 6 seconds

How can One-Click Checkout increase conversion rates for my e-commerce store?

By implementing One-Click Checkout, your e-commerce store can see a marked increase in conversion rates. This feature minimises the steps a customer needs to take to complete a purchase, reducing the likelihood of cart abandonment and encouraging quicker, more decisive purchasing actions. This efficiency is particularly effective in capturing sales from mobile users, who prefer fast and easy transactions.

Is One-Click Checkout secure for both customers and merchants?

Simpler's one-Click Checkout is designed with advanced security measures in place to protect both customers and merchants. It adheres to PCI DSS compliance standards and uses encryption and tokenisation to secure payment information. This ensures that every transaction is not only quick but also safe from potential security threats.

What platforms support Simpler’s One-Click Checkout feature?

Absolutely! Simpler Checkout is designed to integrate seamlessly with major e-commerce platforms like WooCommerce, Magento, Prestashop, Opencart, CS Cart or a custom platform. This integration simplifies the adoption process and allows you to enhance your conversion rates quickly without disrupting your existing setup. By integrating Simpler Checkout, you can provide a frictionless shopping experience that encourages quicker purchases and increases customer satisfaction.