Case Study - 88 Butterfly

May 1, 2023
Case Study - 88 Butterfly

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88 Butterfly uses Simpler's one-click checkout as their de-facto way to increase conversions and stay fly.

Who is 88 Butterfly?

88 Butterfly is a brand designed to help people look their best. This brand is for people who love to go out and have fun. People who love music, fashion and parties. They provide unique and stylish pieces that fit your body and make you feel good.

Results after installing Simpler checkout

Butterfly 88 hoody


As with every other e-commerce store, 88 Butterfly saw high abandonment rates during checkout, which resulted in fewer conversions and lower sales. The main reason behind this is usually the friction caused by a long and complicated checkout process. 88 Butterfly tried to optimise their checkout page drop off by adding new payment methods and other complicated solutions on the website, but nothing moved the needle.


With their passion for exploring new ideas and trying new things, 88 Butterfly integrated with Simpler's one-click checkout solution to give their customers a seamless checkout experience.

Shoppers safely save their information during their first purchase with Simpler, in a very simple and optimised-for-conversions checkout form that is 50% faster than traditional checkout forms. Once the ‘passport’ is created, all future purchases from any merchant partnered with Simpler can be done simply with one click.

88 Butterfly now offers a simple checkout process that doesn't require their customers to create accounts, fill out long forms and remember passwords. With reduced friction, Simpler's takes customers from intent to purchase in one single click.

"Simpler offered frictionless plug & play installation and the checkout button was added on our website in minutes. We were surprised to see how easy it was to convert first-time shoppers with a seamless and fast experience." - Dim. Vergis, 88 Butterfly


In only a few short months, since going live, 88 Butterfly has seen a significant rise in sales via Simpler compared to other checkout options on the website. Since the integration, cart abandonment has reduced and there has been a 28% uplift in conversions.

"We liked the product so much that we decided to incentivise shoppers to use Simpler's checkout by offering an additional 5% discount." - Dim. Vergis, 88 Butterfly

Offering a 5% discount on the Simpler checkout button has been a big contributor to this success as it drove more customers to use the one-click checkout button.

The biggest surprise for 88 Butterfly has been the increased number of checkouts directly from the product pages via Simpler. 88 Butterfly saw customers using Simpler's 'Quick Buy' button more instead of the 'Add to Cart’ button on the product page. This resulted in 15% of conversions coming directly from the product pages.

"We truly believe that Simpler's one-click checkout solution will transform the e-commerce industry and we are eager to see how our integration with Simpler will benefit us more in the future," says Vergis.

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