Case Study - Bodytalk

February 27, 2024
Case Study - Bodytalk

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Bodytalk (Bdtk) stands out as a dynamic and inspirational brand in the sportswear and athleisure industry, capturing the essence of modern, active lifestyles. With a strong foundation in Greece, Bdtk has carved a niche for itself by offering a wide range of athletic apparel that emphasises both style and functionality.

Identifying the Opportunity for Enhancement

While Bdtk’s online store was performing well, the leadership team recognized an untapped potential in further optimising its e-commerce strategy. The goal was to elevate the user experience by focusing on the checkout process, an integral part of the online shopping journey. The vision was clear: streamline this final, crucial step of the customer's journey to align more closely with their preferences for a quick, secure, and hassle-free transaction

The Simpler Integration (Solution)

  1. Bdtk chose Simpler and introduced a checkout solution that simplified the entire process for customers, regardless of their checkout stage
  2. With Simpler, customers no longer faced lengthy forms, account creation, or extra login details. A single click was all it took to complete transactions, saving time and reducing complexity
  3. Additionally, Simpler's integration allowed customers to use their preferred payment methods, including credit cards, Apple Pay, Google Pay, or Klarna for Buy Now, Pay Later (BNPL) options

The Results

1. Increase in Checkout Conversion Rate - 24.3%:

How Simpler Helped: Simpler drastically reduced the number of steps and unnecessary form fields required to complete a purchase. New shoppers could check out 50% faster than with traditional checkout methods, and returning customers could complete their checkout in less than 7 seconds. These enhancements, combined with the introduction of additional payment methods, played a significant role in the substantial increase in checkout conversion rates, ultimately benefiting Bdtk's bottom line.

"The integration with Simpler was remarkably straightforward. It was a simplified the process, providing us with all payment and shipping integrations in one go. This streamlined approach made adoption smooth and efficient.” - Ektor Tolis, Ecommerce Manager, Bodytalk

2. Improved checkout flow:

How Simpler Helped: Simpler's streamlined one-click checkout significantly enhanced the overall process. Its intuitive interface reduced complexity, lessening friction and boosting customer satisfaction. The strategically placed 'Quick Buy' button, available at various stages like the product page & mini-cart, encouraged customers to complete purchases much earlier in the checkout journey. This balanced approach improved the shopping experience, making it smoother and more user-friendly for Bdtk's customers.

"Through Simpler, we've witnessed a significant enhancement in our shoppers' experience. The streamlined checkout process and convenient payment options have truly elevated their satisfaction levels.” - Ektor Tolis, Ecommerce Manager, Bodytalk

3. Increased Registrations:

How Simpler Helped: Simpler led to a 21.2% increase in registered shoppers. All Simpler users were instantly recognised as "logged-in" on Bdtk's website, streamlining the checkout process to just one click. This not only simplified shopping but also gave Bdtk access to Simpler’s existing customers for post-purchase communication, fostering engagement and loyalty. The result? More registrations and a broader customer database.

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