Case Study - Funky Buddha

February 3, 2023
Case Study - Funky Buddha

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Teaming up with Simpler to provide a seamless shopping experience

The Company

Funky Buddha is one of the most popular clothing and accessory brands in South Europe with an extensive network of more than 55 stores.

Outcome 1
Funky Buddha 1


Funky Buddha is a brand that consistently invests in the customer experience, adopting innovations in both online and physical retail channels. In this case, the company was exploring ways to enhance the experience of its customers on their online ecommerce store while also being able to derive tangible benefits in key performance indicators such as conversion rate and user acquisition cost.

Regarding these metrics, Funky Buddha has a longstanding collaboration with Relevance Digital - A Digital Marketing and CRO Agency. Following an analysis of Funky Buddha's challenges, Relevance Digital Agency proposed recommended Simpler as a means of enhancing the customer experience and potentially reducing customer acquisition costs by increasing conversion rate.


Simpler Checkout simplifies the checkout process, making it faster and easier for buyers to complete their purchases. With Simpler, buyers do not need to enter any personal information or create an account, which can help reduce cart abandonment rates. Simpler can also help increase conversion rates by streamlining the checkout process, reducing the time and effort required to complete a purchase. Funky Buddha partnered with Simpler to enhance its online customer experience, improve its conversion rates, and potentially reduce its user acquisition costs.

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The results of installing Simpler Checkout on the website were impressive. During the first few weeks, at least one in five users preferred Simpler to complete their purchase. 75% of Simpler buyers preferred to "skip the funnel" and complete their orders directly from the product page or the mini cart. In addition, 10% of Simpler buyers completed their purchases with just one click, and on average, these purchases took only six seconds to complete. This fast and simple buying experience resulted in a 9.17% increase in conversion rates. Simpler checkout also took significant checkout share from other costly payment methods, such as PayPal, which helped Funky Buddha save on transaction fees. Over time, more and more buyers of Funky Buddha chose to buy with Simpler Checkout because of its ease of use.

“Not only did Simpler Checkout help us improve the overall shopping experience for our customers, but it also had a significant impact on our bottom line. We are very satisfied as our collaboration achieves its goals and more." - Nikos Alexiou, Owner, Funky Buddha
“The streamlined checkout process not only made it easier and more convenient for shoppers to complete their purchases, but it also resulted in increased orders, and a boost in return on ad spend. At Relevance Digital, we are always looking for solutions that drive results for our clients, and Simpler Checkout exceeded our expectations.” - Athanasios Sofianos, Relevance Digital

The Impact of the Coupon

Funky Buddha has always offered a 10% discount coupon to customers who have subscribed to their newsletter. Given that all buyers who use Simpler are also registered customers, Funky Buddha decided to transfer half of this discount (5%) to buyers who used Simpler Checkout for their purchases. The discount coupon appeared in the upper left corner of the Simpler Checkout button and encouraged buyers to buy using Simpler to get an additional 5% discount. 

This had an immediate and significant impact on the company. The conversion rate increased by 24.7%, and the number of registered buyers increased by 57%, which helped increase sales by targeting repeat customers.

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