Case Study - Nasilia Jewelry

December 13, 2023
Case Study - Nasilia Jewelry

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Nasilia Jewelry sees a 119% increase in conversion after integration with Simpler.

 Who is Nasilia?

Nasilia was founded in 2015 as a passion project and since then it has grown and served thousands of customers. By combining silver with simple and vague lines, Nasilia creates beautiful jewellery that anyone can enjoy.

Results after installing Simpler checkout
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Similar to other e-commerce sites, Nasilia also struggled with high abandonment rates during checkout, leading to fewer conversions and lower sales. The reason for this is usually a long and complicated checkout process that causes friction. Nasilia tried to increase their conversion rate by adding new payment options, but they had high fees and costs, and nothing seemed to work.


With Simpler, Nasilia has overhauled the checkout process to make it more straightforward. Before, ordering from Nasilia required customers to create accounts and complete long forms. Now, with reduced friction, customers can complete the purchase process in one click. This approach ensures a seamless transition from page visitors to paying customers.

Shoppers safely save their information during their first purchase with Simpler, in a very simple and optimised-for-conversions checkout form that is 50% faster than traditional checkout forms. Once the ‘passport’ is created, all future purchases from any merchant partnered with Simpler can be done simply with one click.


Since Simpler was integrated onto Nasilia's website, they saw a significant increase in sales, showing how the frictionless checkout created a positive customer experience. Overall, cart abandonment reduced and the conversion rate increased by a staggering 119%. Interestingly, Nasilia also saw a 21% decrease in payments via other checkout methods as more shoppers opted to pay with Simpler. Simpler's pay-as-you-go pricing model, which doesn't charge a monthly or minimum fee, allowed Nasilia to reduce its operational costs, which were tied to other checkout options like Stripe, PayPal and Cash-on-Delivery.

"As a merchant, it's great to be able to offer your customers a quick & easy way to buy things. We are delighted with how seamlessly Simpler integrated onto our website and are blown away by the results." - Athanasia, Nasilia Jewelry

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