Case Study - Reve Jewel

December 30, 2022
Case Study - Reve Jewel

Reve Jewel shines bright after integration with Simpler.

Who is Reve Jewel?

Reve Jewel was founded in 2015 by twin sisters Aliki and Danai. Tired of seeing the same style of jewellery over and over again, the two decided to set up their own jewellery brand that would stand out from the crowd. At Reve Jewel, their mission is to create jewellery pieces that make people feel good, confident and capable.

Results after installing Simpler checkout

Reve Jewel necklace


Most merchants allow shoppers to checkout as guests since almost 28% of these shoppers abandon their cart when a website asks them to create an account before checkout. For Reve, almost 8 out of 10 orders were coming from guest checkouts and they couldn't "speak" to these customers, send them special offers or personalise their offerings. 

Previously, Reve had provided discounts to encourage user registrations, but they needed a solution through which they could get access to a guest user's details and also offer them a seamless experience without requiring them to create an account.


A revolutionary checkout experience that is made to convert shoppers and replace guest checkout. With Simpler, shoppers safely save their information during their first purchase, in a very simple and conversion-optimised checkout form that is 50% faster than traditional checkout forms. Once the ‘passport’ is created, all future purchases from any merchant partnered with Simpler can be done simply with one click. This way almost every new customer is a registered user of Reve Jewel.


Easy integration with Reve Jewel's e-commerce platform, Woo-commerce, helped them launch Simpler's one-click solution right away. Simpler quickly became one of the most popular checkout options used by Reve Jewel's customers. The number of registered shoppers increased by 34%, as all Simpler shoppers were now known, “logged-in” users and seamlessly integrated with the Reve Jewel's database. Now they could communicate with these shoppers post-purchase without making them go through a long checkout process. 

Furthermore, there was a 19% uplift in conversions and Reve Jewel also saw a 47% reduction in CoD payments.

"It's great to offer our users this returning customer experience, without forcing them to create an account." - Danai, Reve Jewel

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