Case Study - Zakcret Sports

May 22, 2024
Case Study - Zakcret Sports

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Zakcret Sports, one of the largest retailers in the field of sports apparel and goods in Greece, is among the first companies in the ecommerce space to consistently invest in customer experience. The company decided to collaborate with Simpler to further enhance the online shopping experience for its customers and improve its business outcomes.

Zakcret is the first major retailer in the sports apparel and footwear sector to collaborate with Simpler, as the service has been available on Zakcret's online stores since February 2023.

The experience of our customers has always been a priority, both in our online and physical stores. Providing a simple, consistent, and efficient experience is crucial when aiming for long-term relationships with customers. Based on this, partnering with Simpler was a relatively easy decision for us, says Marios Sideris, Marketing Director of Zakcret Sports

Significant improvements were observed from the first weeks of Simpler's operation on Zakcret's online store. Specifically, 17% of customers used Simpler to complete their purchases, completing their purchases 80% faster. Additionally, the adoption of Simpler led to a 10% increase in customers who prepaid their orders via card or digital wallets, reducing the percentage of other, more expensive payment methods such as cash on delivery or PayPal.

By integrating Simpler into our online store and working on other initiatives aimed at improving our customers' experience, we achieved a significant improvement in our conversion rate, reaching 52%. Simpler was one of the key elements that helped us achieve this result, adds Marios Sideris

During the same period, one in four customers who completed their purchases through Simpler preferred a digital wallet, such as ApplePay or GooglePay, services provided by Simpler without requiring additional implementation. Furthermore, 21% of customers completed their purchases through Klarna, preferring instalment payments without a credit card.

One of the initial signs that we would have an exceptionally successful collaboration with Simpler was the outstanding support provided by the company from the very beginning and throughout the integration process. The Simpler team was always there and readily available, providing solutions whenever needed notes Marios Sideris

Zakcret Sports aims to further increase the orders processed through Simpler in the coming months, as the company seeks to invest more in an omnichannel shopping experience. Towards that direction, Zakcret Sports plans to adopt Simpler Checkout Links & QR codes, through which it can extend the fast checkout experience of Simpler to its physical stores.

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