Introducing Simpler Stores: Explore all Simpler powered online shops under one roof

July 19, 2023
2 min
Introducing Simpler Stores: Explore all Simpler powered online shops under one roof

Exciting news! We are thrilled to launch Simpler Stores 🚀 A game-changer for both merchants and shoppers, creating a seamless and convenient online shopping experience like never before.

What’s Simpler Stores?

Simpler Stores is a hub that brings together all Simpler checkout-powered online stores in one place. It allows shoppers to easily discover and buy products from their favourite stores with one-click checkout. The platform features intuitive filters for effortless product searches and a dedicated category for merchants with active offers, ensuring savings for shoppers.

What’s in it for you?

1️⃣ Amplified Visibility: It gives you heightened exposure to a vast network of Simpler shoppers (150,000+). Increase brand awareness and attract more potential customers to your online store

2️⃣ Enhanced Revenues: The increased visibility and traffic translate into improved revenues for your online store. Leverage the power of Simpler's network and watch your sales soar

3️⃣ Make the most of your offers: It features a dedicated category for "merchants with active offers." This ensures that shoppers not only enjoy a seamless checkout experience but also benefit from savings on their purchases, attracting them to your store

Featured Stores on Simpler

4️⃣ Expanded Customer Base: You'll connect with a broader audience of shoppers who actively seek out the convenience of one click checkout. Unlock new growth opportunities and expand your customer base

5️⃣ Valuable Exposure Analytics: Gain access to comprehensive exposure and traffic analytics through your merchant dashboard. Understand the impact of your visibility and optimize your strategies accordingly

To have a look at the Simpler Stores hub page, create a shopper account now!

For merchants who are already using Simpler, there is no need for any additional action on your part - your store is featured on the Simpler Stores hub page automatically.

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