How one click checkout can simplify your checkout process

December 2, 2022
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How one click checkout can simplify your checkout process

Compared to one click checkout, the traditional buying journey is lengthy, complicated and full of friction!

On average, it takes over 22 clicks for a shopper to reach the final checkout step. Moreover, shoppers must also fill out multiple form fields before proceeding to the last stage. Every step a customer is required to take to complete the checkout takes them one step further from completing their order.

Due to this lengthy and friction-ridden checkout process, about 70% of the customers who visit your website may abandon their cart. This can lead to a tremendous decrease in conversion rates and a significant drop in revenue.

A long and complicated checkout process is one of the biggest reasons why 7 out of 10 shoppers abandone their carts online

It is crucial to perfect your customer’s buying experience if you want to maximise sales and boost conversions. This article educates you on how your website’s shopping experience can be simplified with one click checkout.

First, let's look at the essential steps of a shopper’s buying journey and then dive into how one click checkout can simplify it.

The standard shoppers' journey

The standard shoppers journey

Typically, the standard buying journey consists of seven significant steps, but they may vary depending on the brand.

Here’s how it looks:

The shopper lands on the website, chooses the products they like and then adds them to their cart. Further, they visit their cart and review their order.

Now, this is where the trouble begins - the checkout process.

Where shoppers drop in a standard shoppers journey

Approximately 70% of all visitors who abandon your website leave while reviewing their cart or in the next steps due to the amount of effort needed to fill in all the information and complete the process.

The checkout process typically consists of three different sections that require a shopper to fill in details:

  1. Personal details - Shoppers are asked to fill in 4 to 5 form fields asking for information such as First Name, Last Name, Email, Contact Number & Date of Birth
  2. Shipping details - Here, the form contains at least 6 to 7 fields that a shopper is required to complete. Usually, this section has many irrelevant fields that a checkout process can do without. Also, after filling in the details, shoppers have to select the type of delivery option they prefer
  3. Payment details - Here, the shopper selects their preferred payment option and has to enter the details required to proceed.

After transitioning through three extensive sections, finally, when everything is filled out, they click on ‘place order’, and the process gets completed.

These steps are essential in a checkout process, but how they are presented makes the customer experience unpleasant, lengthy and time-consuming.

Following are some typical examples of a traditional checkout process:

As you will see in the image below, once you add products to your cart, it takes you to this page where there are three separate sections of endless form fields to fill. The process takes a long time and feels quite tedious.

Typical example of a traditional checkout process

The one below has a few fewer form fields, but you still have to fill out three sections to place your order.

Typical example of a traditional checkout process

Even if it is the second time you visit any of these stores with your information saved with them, you must remember your username and password to log in.

Customers can drop off at any stage of the checkout journey if they are required to put in a lot of effort and burn mental calories.

Hence, the standard checkout process is super inconvenient for your customers and detrimental to your revenue. You lose sales with every abandoned cart.

One click checkout to the rescue

Imagine not having to fill out multiple form fields and not having to remember usernames & passwords for every online store you shop from; wouldn’t that just be amazing?

Well, one click checkout makes it possible.

One click checkout elevates your shoppers’ buying experience. It reduces the number of clicks to one, removes redundant form fields and eliminates the need to remember usernames and passwords.

For example, this is how simple the user journey looks when a shopper buys from a website that offers one click checkout:

Simpler checkout experience for first time and second time users

It makes checkout 50% faster for first-time users and one click for second-time customers.

A seamless checkout experience

As compared to a traditional checkout, the one click checkout journey is quite frictionless for a first-time user. The one click checkout form has the least number of fields and requires only the minimum information necessary to place an order. On average, it only takes half as long for shoppers to complete the form as it does to fill in a complicated standard checkout form. They have to do this only once, and their information is saved for future purchases.

Zero-effort checkout for returning customers

For returning customers, the information is pre-filled in the checkout form whenever they return to the same store or shop from a new store that offers the same one click checkout. All their shipping and payment information is securely saved, and shoppers can checkout with one click. This way, they don’t have to fill in their details or remember usernames and passwords. Shoppers get the same seamless experience whenever they use one click checkout, regardless of where they shop.

Minimize steps to checkout

Aside from checking out in one click from the cart page, customers also have the option to complete their purchase directly from the product page without having to add products to their cart and then checkout. They land on a website, see a product they like and click on the one click checkout button. That's it, order complete. This eliminates up to 90% of the steps required for a standard buying process.

Standard shoppers' journey vs. Simpler one click checkout journey

Bonus: The best alternative to guest checkout

With one click checkout, you get customer data of first-time shoppers without making them fill in endless form fields. They can come to your store and checkout with one click since their information has been pre-saved when they used one click checkout used elsewhere. For them, this is a guest checkout experience on your website as they didn’t have to enter any information.

This way, you can communicate with the shoppers after their purchases and offer them a returning customer experience when they visit your store. It also helps you to convert more as new shoppers don’t have to go through an extensive checkout process when they visit your website.

Simplifying your checkout process is the key to a winning customer experience. And one click checkout does precisely that. It makes the checkout process frictionless and offers a zero-effort experience that lets customers buy in seconds.

This simplified process can help you get more orders and boost revenue by reducing abandonment and increasing your conversion rate.

With Simpler one click checkout, merchants have seen up to a 35% increase in their conversion rates within weeks after installing it.

Offer one click checkout today. Get Simpler.

Simpler is a one click checkout solution provider that partners with 1000+ online stores.

Simpler one-click checkout is the simplest way to buy things online. It is faster, more seamless, and gets 35% higher conversions than the average checkout, thanks to a frictionless buying experience and flexible payment options.

Standrad checkout vs Simpler one click checkout

It can be installed on your website within minutes and supports all major e-commerce platforms. Using Simpler doesn't require replacing your existing payment processor.

It works as an additional payment processor and checkout method for your website.

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