Why Magento's Native Checkout Is a Bottleneck for Your Sales

March 27, 2024
Why Magento's Native Checkout Is a Bottleneck for Your Sales

The journey from product admiration to purchase completion is pivotal in e-commerce, hinging heavily on the checkout experience's convenience and intuitiveness. Despite the rapid evolution of e-commerce platforms, ensuring checkout processes align with contemporary consumer expectations remains a challenge.

Engagement peaks on product pages, yet as consumers delve into the buying process, stark drop-offs occur:

  • An 89% drop-off moving from product viewing to the shopping cart page.
  • A further 45% to 55% reduction transitioning from the cart to checkout.
  • At the purchase phase, a 40% to 45% falloff ensues.

These figures underscore a significant e-commerce reality: the checkout process is a critical point of potential sales loss, exacerbated by complex registration processes that deter 82% of shoppers. With the majority craving a swift checkout, ideally within four minutes, the pressure mounts on platforms to streamline their processes.

Magento’s Checkout: A Barrier to Conversions

Magento stands tall in the e-commerce space, lauded for its adaptability and widespread use. However, its checkout experience, marked by a multi-step process, becomes a stumbling block, potentially deterring conversions. This situation is aggravated by reliance on multiple modules for checkout enhancement, complicating setup and risking performance issues. Furthermore, optimising checkouts for mobile devices and tailoring them for various regions introduce additional hurdles for merchants eyeing global market penetration.

Delving Into Checkout Challenges

Underneath the surface, Magento’s checkout faces several obstacles affecting both merchants and customers:

  • Complex Checkout Process: Magento's multi-step checkout can perplex or overwhelm users, with each added step increasing the chance for purchase reconsideration.  The default checkout in Magento spans two pages, requiring shoppers to spend roughly four times more time and fill in an average of 7-8 additional fields.
  • Dependency on Multiple Modules: To streamline checkout, merchants rely on various modules, complicating setup and risking compatibility issues.
  • Mobile Optimisation: In an era dominated by mobile shopping, non-optimised checkouts frustrate users, marred by excessive scrolling and difficulty inputting information on small screens.
  • Registration and Guest Checkout: Issues in the registration process, such as double submission, can lead to registration failures, impacting the customer's ability to order or log in.
  • Technical Issues with Payment Modules: Glitches in payment modules, especially concerning express checkout functionalities, can dissuade customers at the crucial final step.
  • Security Vulnerabilities: Magento’s susceptibility to cyber-attacks can compromise both merchant and customer data, eroding trust.
  • Localisation Challenges: Adapting the checkout process for different regions involves overcoming language barriers, currency conversion issues, and compliance with local regulations.

See how Simpler can streamline your checkout process - Book a free consultation

The Simpler Solution

Recognising the urgency to refine checkout processes, solutions that streamline, secure, and enhance user experiences are invaluable. For Magento, simplifying the checkout process, bolstering mobile optimisation, and ensuring security are key to elevating its platform. Innovations that minimise checkout steps, reduce module dependency, and tackle localisation and security can revolutionise the e-commerce experience, driving conversions and fostering growth in the competitive digital marketplace.

How Simpler Elevates the Checkout Experience

Simpler, a one-click checkout solution, dramatically transforms the buying journey. It enables shoppers to effortlessly complete their purchases in a unified window, significantly reducing checkout friction by 80% and speeding up the process by 50% compared to traditional methods. By incorporating Simpler, merchants can offer a broad range of payment options, including major credit cards and digital wallets like Apple Pay and Google Pay, in one straightforward integration.

Benefits of Integrating Simpler:

  • Reduced Checkout Steps: For first-time users, checkout steps are cut by 80%, with returning customers checking out in under 6 seconds.
  • Increased Conversion Rates: Simpler can boost conversions by up to 35%, with up to a 31% rise in registered shopper numbers.
  • Expanded Payment Options: Merchants can accept payments through 4x more methods, catering to global customer preferences.

By streamlining the checkout experience with Simpler, Magento merchants can overcome existing hurdles, offering customers a seamless, efficient pathway to purchase, thereby enhancing conversion rates and overall satisfaction.

See how Simpler can streamline your checkout process - Book a free consultation


Addressing Magento’s checkout inefficiencies is pivotal for e-commerce triumph. Initiatives to streamline checkout processes, optimise for mobile use, and reinforce security are fundamental. With solutions like Simpler, merchants can seamlessly surmount these challenges, offering a more intuitive and efficient shopping experience, thus bolstering performance and customer contentment in the swiftly evolving digital marketplace.

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