Why PrestaShop's Native Checkout Is a Bottleneck for Your Sales

March 27, 2024
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Why PrestaShop's Native Checkout Is a Bottleneck for Your Sales

In the dynamic world of e-commerce, the transition from browsing to buying is crucially anchored in the checkout experience. This is where the convenience and intuitiveness of the process play pivotal roles in converting carts filled with products into successful sales. As e-commerce platforms evolve, they are tasked with the challenge of ensuring their checkout processes meet the fast-changing expectations of modern consumers.

The journey through an e-commerce site typically sees the highest engagement on the product page. However, as customers move deeper into the buying process, a significant drop-off occurs at various stages:

  • The shift from product viewing to the shopping cart page sees an 89% drop-off rate
  • Moving from viewing the cart to the checkout stage, an additional 45% to 55% of potential buyers opt-out
  • Finally, at the purchase stage, there's a 40% to 45% falloff

These statistics highlight a crucial aspect of e-commerce: a significant portion of potential sales is lost during the checkout process. Contributing to this challenge is the complex registration process, which deters 82% of shoppers according to the Baymard Institute. Furthermore, the majority of consumers, about two-thirds, expect a quick and seamless checkout experience, ideally completed within four minutes.

How you’re losing sales with Prestashop’s Native Checkout

Amidst this backdrop of e-commerce dynamics, PrestaShop emerges as a platform renowned for its flexibility and wide adoption. Yet, it encounters its unique set of hurdles, especially concerning the checkout experience.

The native checkout system of PrestaShop, characterised by its multi-step procedure, potentially hampers conversions due to its complexity. This issue is accentuated by the platform's reliance on multiple modules to enhance the checkout experience. Such dependencies not only introduce complexities in setup but also risk compatibility and performance issues.

Furthermore, the challenges of optimising checkout for mobile devices and effectively localising it for different regions add layers of complexity for merchants aiming to cater to a diverse, global audience.

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Delving deeper into the problems

Beneath the surface, several checkout-related challenges potentially hinder its effectiveness, impacting merchants and customers alike. Let's explore these challenges in detail:

1. Complex Checkout Process
PrestaShop's native checkout involves multiple steps that can confuse or overwhelm users. Each additional step or requirement in the checkout process presents an opportunity for customers to reconsider their purchase, contributing to the broader issue of checkout inefficiency within the platform.

Firstly, the complex checkout process involves several steps that might not only slow down the transaction but also increase the probability of errors. Although PrestaShop supports autofill options, first-time users must manually enter their billing and shipping details, adding to the potential for mistakes and deterring completion of purchases.

Moreover, the platform's insistence on additional information for purchases adds unnecessary time to the checkout process. Such demands for non-essential details can discourage customers, especially those seeking a quick and straightforward shopping experience.

Lastly, the order review step, despite its importance in ensuring order accuracy, introduces an additional barrier to purchase completion. This, combined with the other factors, might contribute significantly to the platform's overall checkout inefficiency.

These added steps and errors not only slow down the process but also contribute to a sense of annoyance and dissatisfaction among users. The lack of prompt and effective support exacerbates these issues, leaving users struggling with what they perceive as simple steps for extended periods.

2. Dependency on Multiple Modules

Adjusting the checkout form or adding fields might require either additional modules or direct code modifications to achieve a streamlined checkout experience, merchants often find themselves reliant on a variety of modules. This not only complicates the setup but also introduces potential compatibility and performance issues, as these modules may not always work seamlessly together.

3. Mobile Optimisation Concerns

With a significant portion of online shopping conducted on mobile devices, a checkout process that is not optimized for mobile can lead to frustration

  • Excessive Scrolling: The multi-step checkout requires users to scroll extensively on smaller screens, making the process tedious.
  • Difficulty Inputting Information: The small screen and virtual keyboard make entering details frustrating, with form fields often not sized or spaced for easy use.
  • Poor User Experience: These issues cumulatively lead to a subpar user experience, potentially causing mobile shoppers to abandon their purchase due to the inconvenience.

4. Registration and Guest Checkout Frustrations

Merchants report difficulties with customer registration and the guest checkout process, where users encounter errors or confusing prompts. One prevalent problem is with the customer registration process, where a major issue is the double submission of the registration form. This can occur when users accidentally click the submit button twice or press the enter key twice, leading to registration failures or customers not being properly assigned to a group, thus unable to order or log in.

5. Technical Issues with Payment Modules

Specific complaints have highlighted issues with the PS/PAYPAL checkout module, including problems loading payment methods and express checkout functionalities not working as intended. These technical glitches can deter customers at the final and most crucial step of their buying journey.

6. Security Vulnerabilities

E-commerce platforms are prime targets for malicious attacks, and PrestaShop is no exception. Security vulnerabilities, such as SQL injections and cross-site scripting, pose significant risks to both merchant and customer data, undermining trust in the platform.

7. Localisation Hiccups

As merchants aim to expand their reach globally, PrestaShop's challenges with effectively localising the checkout process for different regions can create barriers. This includes issues with language, currency conversion, and compliance with local regulations, which are critical for a truly global operation.

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Addressing The Checkout Conundrum

The data underscores the urgency of addressing these checkout challenges head-on. As e-commerce continues to evolve, the demand for a seamless, secure, and efficient checkout experience becomes increasingly paramount. Solutions that can navigate these complexities while enhancing the user experience are invaluable.

By focusing on simplifying the checkout process, enhancing mobile optimisation, and ensuring security, platforms like PrestaShop can significantly improve their offering. Innovations in the checkout process that minimise steps, reduce dependency on multiple modules, and address localisation and security concerns can transform the e-commerce experience for merchants and customers alike, paving the way for increased conversions and sustained growth in the competitive digital marketplace.

How Simpler can help

Simpler is a one-click checkout solution that revolutionises the whole buying journey. With Simpler, instead of navigating multiple pages or platforms, shoppers can swiftly fill out a concise form, select shipping options, and make payments in a singular, integrated window.

Additionally, integrating Simpler into your PrestaShop platform enables access to a broad range of payment options with just one integration. This comprehensive approach includes major credit cards, digital wallets like Apple Pay and Google Pay, Klanra and more, catering to the diverse preferences of global customers

With Simpler you get:

  • 80% Reduction in typical checkout steps for first-time users
  • Ultra-Fast: Returning customers can check out in under 6 seconds
  • Up to 35% increase in conversion rates
  • Up to 31% increase in your registered shoppers list
  • 4x more ways to accept payments (Apple Pay, Google Pay, Klarna and more)

By integrating Simpler, you benefit from reduced checkout steps, a vast array of payment options, and an improved buying journey, promising higher conversion rates and customer satisfaction. Ready to revolutionize your e-commerce platform?

Success Stories with Prestashop Stores

Businesses integrating Simpler's one-click checkout are witnessing transformative results. On average, there's a 35% boost in conversion rates and a 31% rise in registered users.

For instance, Reve Jewel saw:

  • A 19.1% increase in conversion rates.
  • A massive 37% growth in registered shoppers.

In the words of the CEO of Reve Jewel, “Customers have praised Simpler for its simplicity and mobile-friendly experience. Simpler made the checkout process extremely straightforward, and its user-friendly mobile interface has resonated well with our diverse customer base.”

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In wrapping up, overcoming PrestaShop's checkout challenges is crucial for e-commerce success. Efforts to simplify checkout processes, enhance mobile compatibility, and bolster security are essential steps toward improving user experiences and sales. Innovations like Simpler's one-click checkout solution can seamlessly address these issues, offering a more intuitive and efficient pathway for customers, thereby naturally complementing efforts to optimize e-commerce platforms for better performance and customer satisfaction in the fast-evolving digital marketplace.

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