One Click Checkout: A Definitive Guide

September 7, 2022

5 minutes

I am sure you’ll agree - when it comes to buying stuff online, checkout friction is one of the biggest reasons why shoppers don’t complete their purchases.

According to Baymard Institute, our traditional checkout process suffers from a cart abandonment rate of about 70%, and you might have faced this problem with your ecommerce store as well. We all know what a high cart abandonment leads to - a huge dent in our revenue. For some businesses, it can even mean the difference between profit and loss.

Therefore, we constantly strive to make our checkout seamless so that more shoppers get past the buy button.

Fortunately, there is a solution that might potentially put an end to this cart abandonment problem. It’s called one click Checkout.

Checkout Experience Reimagined

Checkout has remained the same for years. With the exception of payment methods, there was no major advancement or change to the process. A revolution has occurred in checkout over the past few years, which has completely transformed the world of ecommerce. BNPL (buy now, pay later) and BOPIS (buy online, pickup in-store) have become popular ecommerce options. It's no longer a matter of wanting convenience; it's a matter of expecting it. It's here that one click checkout comes into play. It streamlines the process of creating accounts on individual stores and filling out endless form fields.

In this guide, you'll learn how to offer it on your online store. It's time for some faster sales.

  • What is one click checkout?
  • How does one click checkout work
  • What are the benefits of one click checkout?

What is one click checkout?

One click checkout, as the name suggests, requires one simple click to buy stuff online. You land on a website, see a product you like and click on the one click checkout button. There you go, that's it.

One click checkout makes shopping frictionless and more delightful for customers. How? Firstly, by reducing unnecessary steps to checkout. Additionally, by removing redundant form fields, usernames and passwords. It cuts the shopper's journey short by almost 90%, which makes it the shortest path to buy for shoppers.

This image shows how it takes only one clikc to complete your online order with one-click checkout

On the other hand, on average, a traditional checkout journey requires more than 22 clicks to checkout. Also, it asks the shoppers to fill in endless form fields. That’s a lot of mental calories burned and effort expended for a shopper who wants to buy what they like quickly.

How does one click checkout work?

The best way to know how it works is to look at it from a shopper's perspective. Here’s how the checkout journey would look like

1. You see something you like

2. You click on the one click checkout button when you see it on an online store

3. You save your basic information during your first transaction with a seller. No password is needed. Info is saved once and then never asked again

4. That’s it! Your order is on its way

5. Next time you see the one click checkout button again on any website, your information is saved. You don't have to enter it again, and you can checkout with a single click

What a difference from a traditional checkout, right?

As an example, let's take a look at Simpler, a one click checkout solution. Simpler partners with more than 1000+ online stores, and here’s how it works.

When a shopper uses it for the first time:

One-click checkout buying journey for a first-time user

When a shopper uses it again:

One-click checkout buying journey for a second-time or returning customer

Now, there are a few questions that might come to mind:

1. Why doesn’t one click checkout ask shoppers to enter their information repeatedly on every website they visit?

Shoppers set up their profiles the first time they use the one click checkout service. Therefore, it eliminates the hassle of managing different accounts for every online store.

Shoppers who have purchased from any of the online stores on the one click checkout providers network can checkout from your store with just a click, without filling out long forms or creating an account as their information. All their information is pre-filled in the checkout form whenever they shop from a new store.


2. Why doesn’t one click checkout require usernames and passwords?

Shoppers don't have to remember passwords or usernames during checkout as OTPs and payment tokenization is used when shoppers log in.

How does one click checkout benefit your business?

The biggest benefit of one click checkout is that it helps you fight cart abandonment. One click checkout lets your customers breeze through checkout. When customers don't have to put much effort into the checkout and can use their preferred payment option, they barely end up abandoning their carts.

This simplified customer experience gets more customers to buy and increases your conversion rate. And increased conversion rates mean a huge boost in overall revenue. For example, with Simpler one click checkout, brands have seen up to a 35% increase in their conversion rates. 66% higher repurchase rates and 25% more registered customers.

Additionally, when customers are made to go through the traditional checkout process, it gives them more time to dwell on their purchases. Whereas a single click to checkout gives them minimum time to think about their purchases and helps you capitalise on impulse buys and convert more.

Advantages of having one-click checkout on your website

Even though 7 out of 10 shoppers abandon their carts, you can still be optimistic about your checkout optimisation strategy by using one click checkout. Buying stuff online shouldn't be a hassle for customers, so let them do it with one simple click.

When it comes to encouraging impulse purchases, reducing cart abandonment and giving your customers a simple, fast and seamless checkout experience, one click checkout stands out. So there is no reason why your website shouldn't offer such a checkout method.

Offer one click checkout today. Get Simpler.

Simpler checkout is the simplest way to buy things online. Simpler checkout is faster, more seamless, and gets 35% higher conversions than the average checkout, thanks to a frictionless experience and flexible payment options.

Simpler checkout can be installed on your website within minutes, and it supports all major ecommerce platforms. Using Simpler doesn't require replacing your existing payment processor. It works as an additional payment processor and checkout method for your website.

Stop leaving money on the table! Reach out to us and learn more about how Simpler Checkout can help your business grow

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