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Frequently asked questions

What is 'Checkout from Anywhere' and how does it benefit my brand?

'Checkout from Anywhere' is a Simpler feature that enables customers to complete purchases directly from multiple channels, including ads, social media, emails, print ads, and even TV commercials. This comprehensive approach significantly expands sales opportunities, allowing customers to buy effortlessly wherever they encounter your products, thus increasing conversion rates and enhancing customer engagement.

How does the 'Checkout from Anywhere' feature work?

The 'Checkout from Anywhere' feature works by embedding a Simpler checkout link into various marketing channels, both online and offline. Customers can click on these links or scan a QR code to access a streamlined checkout process, where they can complete their purchase quickly. This seamless integration eliminates traditional barriers to purchasing, making it incredibly convenient for customers to shop.

What kind of support does Simpler provide for setting up 'Checkout from Anywhere'?

Simpler offers comprehensive support for setting up 'Checkout from Anywhere', including step-by-step guidance, technical support, and access to marketing materials that help you maximise the feature's potential. Our team ensures a smooth setup process, allowing you to benefit from increased sales channels quickly.

How does 'Checkout from Anywhere' impact the customer shopping experience?

'Checkout from Anywhere' enhances the customer shopping experience by providing unparalleled convenience and flexibility. Customers can make purchases directly from various channels they encounter, both online and offline, without needing to navigate to your website. This direct and hassle-free purchasing process improves customer satisfaction and can lead to higher loyalty and repeat purchases.